Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Well, that's it I suppose.

I have finished my first year as an Illustration student at the University of Cumbria. It has absolutely flown by and I have have the best few months of my life. Here are some photos of the result of our last project in which we did really well. (I'm not just saying that either, we got a pretty good grade!)

There will be one left over after we have finished making them so let me know if you're interested in a comment.

 The cover is hand embroidered taking a good few hours to do!

Bound in a concertina/accordion style it folds out to just over 3.4 meters (!) 
Below is a sample of the 18 illustrations included in the book.

Top two illustrations by Leanne Smith

The rest by me! 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What Have I Been Looking at? No.2

Ok so let's get back into this blogging thing.

For our latest project we have been asked to create an artist book or fanzine on any given subject. Leanne and I have chosen the line 'creative ways to dry your washing' as the basis for our book inspired by my 'sock waterfall'  (student living often gives one cause for being inventive in day to day life).

Our first task was to generate as many ridiculous ways as we could in which you could dry your washing. My personal favourite so far involving a motorcycle gang. Oh yes.

Anyhow here's a special book based edition of things I have been looking at. (Project and non-project related)

The latest edition of Illustration Now! which I've noticed features a few paper cut illustrators including on the cover.

The next is Infinite Illustration a book which features illustration applied to products and in print, showing the myriad of ways it can make the world a better place.

I've also been pretty obsessed with birds at the moment, the flying thing I guess...

Birds by Colour by Marc Duquet is well, birds by colour.

I picked up Ghosts of Gone Birds in Carlisle library, I'm yet to have a proper read but it looks promising more information on the project here.

Hopefully my next post will be soon and could feature some of the illustrators picked up in these books or maybe some of my own work, who knows? How exciting! Ha.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

What have I been looking at?

Here is some illustration stuff I have been looking at and admiring recently...

Getting nostalgic and learning more about the adorably simple Miffy by Dick Bruna.

Same goes for lovely illustrations by Richard Scarry (I have been reading this by the way)

I really like the use of shape and colour in the work of Sergio Membrillas.

I finally joined the Public Library in Carlisle and found this which has advice on how to draw more or less everything. Pretty useful I'd say... 

Last of all I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mum who's stronger that she could ever imagine.

A photo from the lovely summer we spent exploring before I came to uni.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Experimental Typography

For this project we have to make people fall in love.
Ahem, with a typeface that is.
I picked Garamond and Avant Garde Gothic, two contrasting typefaces with very different ascetics.
To begin with I looked at some experimental typography. Letterforms made in different ways, both digitally and by hand.

This one both caught my eye and gave me a craving for something sweet.

It also just happens to be based on Avant Garde Gothic.

I was also enticed by these beautiful quilled letters by Sabeena Karnik

Which in turn got me to thinking about other methods of hand making type...

Such as these beautiful embroidered pieces by MaricorMaricar Studio

I think I'd like to create one poster via digital means and the other in a much more handmade way to really get the most out of each typeface.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Observer Island

So for our current project we have been asked to create a title sequence for a given program. This has been made all the more, um, interesting with the fact that the shows are fictional and this has made it harder to pin down a particular style for the titles, this is ours:

    Observer Island
    New series from the creators of Daily Mail Island
    in which a group of violent ex-offenders are         
    stranded on a remote island without access to 
    any media whatsoever other than the observer newspaper.

I have started my research by looking at lots of different title sequences on websites such as Art of the Title

I like that this one is handmade and the use of hands reflects the theme of being creative. The colour palette used is nice and fresh and good colour combinations have been considered to good effect.

The title sequences for the film The Love Punch makes good use of really smooth transitions incorporating the names in these nicely.

I picked this one out as it show just how effective music can be, especially when combined with the timing of the titles appearing. 

With this one I really like the style of illustration and how simply we could potentially animate our sequence.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How Does an MRI Scanner Work?

Here is the link to our final digital booklet about the workings of an MRI scanner. (Click on it for full screen.)

Saturday, 29 November 2014

So, how DOES and MRI scanner work?

For this project we have been given a question, the answer to which we need to present in the form of an ISSUU publication. This project is all about getting us to thoroughly research a subject as we could get given a job on any possible subject you could think of.

So, MRI scanners? Lots of complicated science stuff which needs to be translated into a clear and easily understood language, both in terms of text and visuals.

So after some thorough research into how the scanner works (I won't spoil the end result by explaining it here) Me and Zach started to think about ways that we could present this information. We both decided we wanted to produce something by hand but that it needed to have nice clean lines to reflect the precise, technical nature of the question. 

Before we start making the visuals though I had a play around in Illustrator to find the right colour ways for the booklet.


We decided blue and yellow worked well (although the colours seemed to have changed slightly on upload) as blue is quite a clinical colour and the yellow adds some warmth.