Thursday, 13 August 2015

Self Portrait

Following on from the painting I put in my last post I had a go at a self portrait in the same way.
The contrast isn't as intense and I'm sure I could easily spend another couple of days tinkering with it but nonetheless here it is along with the sketch I worked from. I suppose I wasn't really feeling very happy when I did the initial sketch in the mirror in my sketchbook as I look quite intense but I think it fits this style of painting. Besides, I'm feeling pretty happy right now. See my Instagram for a photo of cute and delicious biscuits I made yesterday plus it's only a few weeks until I am reunited with my uni family, yay!

Monday, 27 July 2015

'Mr. Rochester, I must leave you.'

A painting I did this morning as an experiment working white acrylic on black. I also used some greys too to help me achieve some tone. It isn't perfect (far, far from it) but I am happy to have captured a glimpse of the emotion from this scene and also to have experimented with strong directional lighting.

It is inspired, of course, by my favourite book Jane Eyre and the beautiful 2011 film adaptation which I watched last night.

Maybe it's time for another reread... Oh why must my reading list be so long!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What Have I been Looking at? No. 4

Oh look at that! I reckon we can definitely say this is a feature now after four posts.
Here's what I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks.

Let's start with books, more specifically some of my recent library loans. In a bid to improve my watercolour skills I borrowed a couple of books on the subject which were The watercolour A to Z of Trees and Foliage and The watercolorists Essential Notebook: Lanscapes. I found them pretty useful and I did pick up some tips but it's safe to say really learning how to get the most out of watercolour is going to take a fair while...

 Next is a book I am currently reading called Where Do Camels Belong? by Ken Thompson. It's a bit different from my normal reading but it's really interesting and have been finding myself going "did you know?..." to whoever's nearest me whilst I'm reading. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in wildlife and the animal kingdom.

Here we have my most recent finds from the Oxfam bookshop in town. The first is a lovely book on using ink and getting the most out of the medium. The example illustrations are beautiful and I'm sure will inspire me to to do more ink work soon.

Here we have my other find in the form of a book all about Monet! I am fascinated in his ability to weave colour through his paintings and hope to learn a thing or two...

Lastly I would once again like to share with you an artist featured on the Miss Moss blog. I instantly fell in love with the paintings of Sarah McRae Morton, especially those featuring bears and birds. They evoke so much emotion and it is clear to see how great painters of the past influence her work now. To read more about her influences and story and see more of her wonderful work head over to her website.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sketches No. 2

Here is some more stuff from my sketchbook some ok, some less ok. I have included a variety of subjects this time, I'm not making too much progress in terms of sketchbook work recently as I have been focusing on the graphic novel project I have been given to do over the summer.
I know, excuses, excuses!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Jack Merriott.

I recently visited the Mercer Art Gallery here in Harrogate. Their current exhibition is called In Graphic Detail and includes drawings and paintings of Harrogate and the surrounding areas amongst others. One of the first you see is a Railway poster by Jack Merriott, I have been in love with this style of illustration for a while now so I though I would have a closer look at one of the artists who created some of them...

Knaresbrough, 1954

Jack Merriott 1901 - 1968
Unfortunately information about the aforementioned artist is hard to come by on the internet but finding images of his work is easy enough. From what I can gather he created many posters for British Rail and also watercolour landscapes.

Harrogate, 1957

Torquay, 1958

Cornwall, 1952

What I think really pulls me in with these is the colour, bright and cheery, designed to make the destinations look attractive and inviting. Most importantly for me is that with these posters (not just those by Merriott) you can see the beauty of this country and very often, the place that you live, through the eyes of an artist who will show it to you in a new light.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

What Have I Been Looking at? No. 3

Looks like I can call this a series now? Maybe...

Anyhow, here's a little look at the things which have been infiltrating my eye holes.

The work of Charles F. Tunnicliffe, (website easiest to explore via the index) I found this lovely article about him and how he worked which features an interesting video about an exhibition of his work. I am particularly fond of his wood engravings and sketchbook work.

His work is featured in a book I borrowed from Harrogate library called Drawing Birds. A fascinating look at ways to approach the study of drawing birds, bringing my attention to work of the artists featured. A super useful book I'm sure I will return to time and time again.

Moving away from birds but still keeping within the theme of nature, today I discovered the work of artist Peter Eastman via the lovely blog Miss Moss who visited his studio in Cape Town. Particularly his series Deep Chine, more information on which you can find here

Lastly, whilst looking for the Harry Potter books (FINALLY decided it was time I read them) in the aforementioned library I came across J.K Rowling's book A Casual Vacancy and decided to read that instead. The H.P. books I'm guessing I will have to venture into the Children's section for...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Painting Practice.

So, having finished for summer I decided I would put my time to good use. The first little project I gave myself was to complete a painting. This included everything from sketching out thumbnails for composition to the very last stroke of the paintbrush. I'm reasonably happy with the end result but it is just a start and I hope to get better, trying different media until I find one that suits me and the way I work.

Here's a few progress shots...

Cloud practice was SO much fun.

Trying to get that perspective right... Trying.

The end result, I think I managed to get some atmosphere in there at least?