Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rocky Road.

I never saw myself doing recipes on here but I just had to share what I made today.

It is SO easy and you can adjust the ingredients to suit your own preferences like adding raisins instead of marshmallows for example. I wonder what it would be like with hobnobs instead of digestives...

Anyway here is the recipe for a super easy (but very cheeky) treat.

55g unsalted butter
200g dark chocolate
100g milk chocolate
175g Maltesers
About 12 digestives
Marshmallows (mini ones are easiest as you wont have to chops them)

I lined a loaf tin with a sheet of greaseproof paper by folding it at the corners. Having it a bit longer on two opposite side makes taking it out easier, also note that I didn't grease it.

I then melted together the dark and milk chocolate and the butter in a mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water. Keep stirring to make sure it is smooth and all of the butter gets mixed in.

Next I took the mixture off of the heat to cool for at least ten minutes, it is important that the mixture isn't too warm so that the chocolate doesn't melt off of the Maltesers.

The next bit is my favourite, crushing the Digestives. I used a mixing bowl and the end of a rolling pin to break them up. You want to end up with a mixture of chunks and crumbs.

When the mixture had almost cooled I added the biscuits, Maltesers and marshmallows and mixed until everything was coated nicely.

Finally I tipped the mixture into the loaf tin and compacted it down a bit.  Then I popped it in the fridge and left it to set for at least half an hour, I think around an hour is the perfect amount of time.

To retrieve my rocky road I simply lifted it out with the greaseproof paper which I obviously (didn't) leave extra of for this purpose (I was being a lazy cook!)

I chopped my Rocky Road into bars but chunky squares would be great too and don't forget to add a dusting of icing sugar for that professional look.

Et voila! Just make sure you don't make this too often and eat fruit and veg and blah blah blah.

(Photos by me)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Self Portrait

So for my course next year I have to do a LIFE SIZE head to toe self-portrait. I am finding it more difficult to do than I had first thought. I don't even know what medium to do it in! Photograph(s), pencil, paint, a mixture?! I have consulted the internet on many an occasion for an answer but I guess I need to figure it out myself. 
Anyway here are some sterling examples from some people who know how.

Self Portrait, Robert Delaunay

Self Portrait with Weed, Robert Rauschenberg

I am leaning a teeny bit more towards photography, experimentation is needed I feel.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The other day thanks to this (slightly sweary) website I found Silk. Even the least creative of people could get something out of this "Interactive Generative Art" page.

Created by Yuri Vishnevsky, Silk is a webpage where you can create beautiful art with a swoosh and click of the mouse. You can share and keep anything you create or maybe you like the idea of simply starting anew when the page becomes full.

I often have a little play around on here last thing before I turn my computer off because it is so relaxing, helped by the music created by Mat Jarvis.

Here is a little look at what can be made, the possibilities are endless.....

Ok, so maybe my aim wasn't to create a masterpiece but for me this website is about the process of making something quite pretty.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The Lakes

I apologise for the long break. This hot weather is not helping.

The most stressful editing experience I have ever had. I am sure that if I knew more about technology it would have been a breeze. Oh well.
Enjoy a small selection of my favourite images from my five days in the Lake District with my friends.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Coming Soon

Ok so I went on holiday and was having post exams lazy time.

Excuses out of the way. Now I can tell you that I will sharing some of my photographs from my holiday to the lakes here. I also finished reading Dracula, it was much better than I expected! I only have about 80 photos left to edit, (from nearly 1000!) so hopefully I will be able to post them later today.
(sneaky preview below)

To come over the summer:
more music
more books
more photography
more all round good stuff.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Free Shipping!

Only until the 16th of june you can get free worldwide shipping from my Society6 shop!
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Here is some of what you will find there in the form of prints, greetings cards, iPhone, iPad and iPod cases (amongst other stuff!)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

For all of my fellow students, does this sum you up right now too?
(From Here)